Read Resumes Backwards | Jocelyn Goldfein

[SLF: I’ll post links to interesting alumni-written articles here from time to time, with minimal quotation and a link to the original posting when at all possible. In any case, if the author wishes a different treatment or to have the post taken down, please let me know and we’ll get it done!]

Jocelyn Goldfein published an article on Medium that is part of a series on hiring engineers (the whole series is worth reading).  In the latest post she recommends reading the resume backward to put the narrative together: 

“I estimate that I’ve read north of 10,000 software engineer resumes in my life, and over time I’ve evolved a strategy to scout potential. This might sound crazy, but bear with me: when I read a resume, I start with the working hypothesis that I’m looking at someone who is smart, talented, hard-working, and determined. Then I look at what they did with the opportunities available to them to prove or disprove that theory.

Start at the beginning (which is to say, the end of the resume): education.”

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