SXSW Sessions: OTB style

Trilogy Alumni are participating in a number of SXSW sessions this year.  Here are a few that I’m aware of :

Chris Hyams’ proposal to moderate a panel on gender diversity in tech:

“We have the awesome Maria Klawe, President of Harvey Mudd, Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, and Ruth Mesfun of the Flatiron School.”

And Mark Stephan’s panel here:  on “Building Generosity in a Consumeristic Culture”:

“However, what would technology look like if it helped build the foundations of a more generous world? What if at the moment of the consumeristic decision, our culture gave equal voice to helping others as well as consumption?”

And we have Chris Taylor (from our SXSW panel last year) and his brother Rob Taylor, Family Feud Funding Edition:

“Growing up in rural West Virginia, brothers Chris and Rob Taylor were always competing with each other and now they’re competing again. This time it’s how to fund their businesses. Chris bootstrapped his analytics SaaS startup Square Root to profitability every year since it launched in 2006. Rob has been at the operations helm for VC backed companies like BlackLocus and Pivot Freight where he’s had extraordinary exits prior to company profitability.”

Heather Brunner of WPEngine is part of another session on succeeding as an XX in an XY world (sorry, make that “Take No Sh*t: Thrive as an XX in an XY World”):

“But a city like Austin, with its growing tech scene & abundance of female executives, is ripe to solve the gender disparity issue & serve as an industry example. Let’s explore how companies (particularly those in male-dominated industries) can inspire change at a company level, & how growing cities like Austin can scale initiatives to the national & industry-wide level”

Heather Brunner is also in “Tears, Failure, and Success: CEOs Tell All“:

Strip away the stereotypes, forget what you saw on TV, and hear the real deal from CEOs who are fighting every day to be the best. Where did they start, how did they get here, and how much blood, sweat, and tears did they shed along the way. Join Spredfast’s CEO, Rod Favaron, WP Engine’s CEO, Heather Brunner, and Retailmenot’s CEO, Cotter Cunningham, for an enlightening session on the “glamorous” life of a CEO.

Joshua Baer is leading “From Success to Significance“:

“Are you at an inflection point in your life where you have the luxury of choosing what to focus on for the next phase of your career? Have you had success in business but it has left you wanting more? Are you ready to add more meaning and impact to your work but not sure where to start?”

Are there any other alumni sessions we’re missing? Add to the comments section or send me a note and I’ll get them added.

Update: more sessions!

Jon Loyens of HomeAway joins others from Intuit and Paypal on Enterprise communities:

“Inspired by Paypal’s NodeDay event with Intuit, the EnterpriseJS, community was created – a movement that goes beyond one day events where technologists meet, share and teach each other so that each could accelerate their individual enterprise efforts. This panel will share lessons they’ve learned in creating an enterprise community and their journey along the way.”

And Brian Dainton of Spredfast: “Get Bigger Without Bloating: Startups at Scale”

“Brian’s team doubled in size overnight when Mass Relevance and Spredfast merged in 2014. Hear how he’s managed the change, hired more top talent, and restructured the team to become an unstoppable, Emmy-Award-winning, organization.”
And Virginia Miracle of Spredfast on How to Build an #Impactful Employee Resource Group:

“Join Shiloh Gulickson, Twitter’s Global Head of @TwitterWomen, and Virginia Miracle, Spredfast’s CCO and champion of the women’s leadership group, to hear how companies are empowering female AND male employees to build ERGs and how to spearhead the movement at your organization.”

Also, Jim Rudden, CMO at Spredfast: “Pinterest: It’s More Than Pretty Pictures“:

“There are elements that separate the good pins from the great, there’s a proven way to measure success, and there’s still a lot to learn. Hear from Kevin Knight, Head of Agency & Brand Strategy at Pinterest, and Jim Rudden, CMO of Spredfast, about what it means to be successful on Pinterest and how your brand can get there.”

Happy Session Hunting!

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