Built to Last…

“Built to Last…”   A brief history of the Alumni group follows…


First, there were interesting sites set up like 6034.org (our old street address on West Courtyard Dr), but eventually Trilogy itself set up a site. It didn’t go anywhere and no one did anything with it for years. Finally, someone asked Brett Bender to “fix it” and he wisely decided that the best thing to do would be to set up a list or site that would run itself. So he set up the original email list and invited a few alumni to join the new email list on Yahoo. Soon after, Scott Francis asked to take responsibility for moderating and approving membership, and has been doing that ever since.

Other alumni set up Facebook and LinkedIn groups and the rules for invitation to each group are slightly different.  Facebook – by invitation only for Trilogy alumni.  LinkedIn – have to list the Trilogy work experience on LinkedIn in addition to having worked there. Email List – open to all alumni prior to 2005. Each of these channels has a different core value proposition.  We will continue to experiment with other social channels – Slack, Reddit, etc. – until we find the ultimate networking solution for our alumni group.

In the early 2000’s we had a series of POPs – friday gatherings with food and drink.  But over time the energy migrated to more substance over networking, and the first OTB was born in 2011, as a mini-conference and reunion.  OTB is a fantastic conference format for Trilogy alumni to re-energize and reconnect with peers.  It is also an anthropological study on the lasting effects of being members of a cult, after living for 10-15 years in the wild.  Fascinating stuff.

We’re all volunteers here. Everything good the Alumni group accomplishes is as a result of volunteer time and effort that we’re grateful for. Thanks for your support! We especially want to thank all the people that have helped fellow alumni find new career opportunities, start new companies, start new families, and pursue social goods… not to mention reconnecting with old friends in a new place.

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